FFT Executive Director Matt Mackowiak on Debate: ‘McAuliffe an Unprepared, Angry Embarrassment and Virginians Know it”

September 25, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – Matt Mackowiak, the executive director of National Super PAC Fight For Tomorrow (FFT), released the following statement after tonight’s statewide gubernatorial debate, hosted by NBC Washington and the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce:

“Ken Cuccinelli looked like a Governor tonight; Terry McAuliffe looked like a fundraiser.

“Terry McAuliffe is totally unprepared to be Governor and for 60 minutes tonight all of Virginia saw it with their own eyes. McAuliffe had trouble remembering where he was from, demonstrating basic knowledge of how state government works and absolutely refused, when repeatedly asked by moderator Chuck Todd, to give a price tag for his huge spending plan. McAuliffe was angry and mean-spirited and often required notes to give any answer at all. It is a absolute disgrace that McAuliffe was not asked to defend his shady dealings with GreenTech, which is now under two federal investigations for an alleged ‘visa for sale’ scheme.

“In a sharp contrast, Ken Cuccinelli was well informed, likable and calm tonight, answering questions directly, not taking cheap shots at his opponent and describing how his plans would create 58,000 new jobs and make life better for millions of Virginians.”

FFT’s 60 second ad, “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia,” aired statewide tonight during the debate on all NBC affiliates. The ad aired on WRC in Washington, DC (northern Virginia market), WCYB NBC Bristol (Tri cities), WWBT Richmond, WAVY Portsmouth and WVIR Charlottesville.

Watch the ad, “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia,” here.

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