Fight For Tomorrow Expands New Anti-McAuliffe ‘Obamacare Fiasco’ Ad with $50,000 Buy in Richmond

Ad Running During World Series, Pro and College Football & Local News on all Affiliates

October 30, 2013

AUSTIN, TX – National Super PAC Fight For Tomorrow (FFT) today expanded the advertising buy for their new 30 second ad, “Obamacare fiasco,” with a $50,000 investment in the Richmond media market.

The ad begins tonight during the World Series and includes local news, weekend pro and college football and Sunday talk, as well as Election Day targeting across all four Richmond affiliates.

The “Obamacare Fiasco” ad reminds Virginia voters that Democratic nominee for Governor Terry McAuliffe fully supports Obamacare and that the 2013 Virginia Governor’s race is a referendum on Obamacare.

A Quinnipiac poll released this morning shows the race tightening rapidly, now down to only four points with Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli closing quickly.

FFT executive director Matt Mackowiak said, “Obamacare is a disaster and Virginians have a golden opportunity to issue a verdict with this Tuesday’s referendum on Obamacare. Ken Cuccinelli has been fighting Obamacare from the beginning while Terry McAuliffe stunningly wants to expand it in Virginia. Virginians can send a message to Washington and reject Obamacare on Tuesday.”

The ad was produced by Ben Howe of Mister Smith Media.

Watch the ad, “Obamacare Fiasco,” here.

Script for “Obamacare Fiasco” (TV: 0:30)

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Obamacare Fiasco”

ANNCR: “You can stop the Obamacare fiasco. And send a message to Washington.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Obamacare Backer”

ANNCR: “Terry McAuliffe is Obamacare’s biggest backer. Defeat Terry McAuliffe and elect Ken Cuccinelli who told the truth about Obamacare from the start.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Terry McAuliffe will bring: Skyrocketing costs. Health care rationing. Suppression of miracle drugs and treatment. Destruction of private health insurance. Doctors shortage.”

ANNCR: “The extremist liberals have spent tens of millions to defeat Cuccinelli because he stood up to Washington.

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Cuccinelli fought Obamacare.”

ANNCR: “Vote to stop McAuliffe and the Obamacare fiasco.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Stop Terry McAuliffe.”

ANNCR: “Vote to save American health care.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Save American health care.”

ANNCR: “Make Virginia…”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Make Virginia…”

ANNCR: “…a referendum…”

TEXT ON SCREEN: “…a referendum…”

ANNCR: “…on Obamacare

TEXT ON SCREEN: “…on Obamacare.”

ANNCR: “Fight For Tomorrow paid for the content of this advertising.”