Fight For Tomorrow Launches “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia”

Six Figure, First Wave on TV in Northern Virginia & Richmond & in The Washington Post

September 12, 2013

AUSTIN, TX – National Super PAC Fight For Tomorrow today is launching a major effort in the Virginia Governor’s race, with a first wave, six figure ad buy in Richmond and northern Virginia in print and on TV. The first ad, “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia,” is airing in Richmond and Washington, DC over the next two days and a print ad (five column, 21 inches) is running in today’s Washington Post in the “A” section.

Fight For Tomorrow spokesman Matt Mackowiak said, “Terry McAuliffe is a total embarrassment and the national media is giving him a free ride. His agenda of higher taxes, more regulation, Labor Union handouts and Obama-style tax and spend will move Virginia in the direction of Detroit. Fight For Tomorrow isn’t going to stand by and let the ‘Gang of Five’ smear Republicans in an attempt to steal Virginia.”

View the print ad here.

Watch the video here.

Script for “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia” (TV: 0:60)

ANNCR #1: “Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is a stand in for a national power grab by the “Gang of Five.

“Just as the Obama administration uses federal agencies to suppress dissent and violate the civil rights of their political opponents, these extreme liberals are smearing Republicans because they have a hidden far left agenda.

“The ‘Gang of Five’ is bringing divisive, Chicago-style politics to Virginia.

“McAuliffe is an embarrassment, yet he gets a free ride from the elite media because he’s being propped up by the Clintons, Obama and the ‘Gang of Five.’

“They will continue political smearing, spending millions to impose a New Yorker and left wing embed on Virginia.

“Tell these McAuliffe puppeteers: ‘This is Virginia and we won’t let you Detroit us with taxes and debt; you will not California Virginia with regulations that kill jobs; or Hollywood our families and schools; you will not bring District of Columbia tax and spend to our state.’

“Tell them: ‘You can’t have Virginia.’ ”

ANNCR #2: “Fight For Tomorrow is responsible for the content of this advertising.”